Yuri Martins and Allan Mello in WSOP Shootout Finals

Yuri Martins and Allan Mello Reach WSOP Major Fina...

Brazilian poker will have a double final table on Saturday (15th), bringing strong emotions. Yuri Martins and Allan Mello put in a solid performance on Day 2 of Event #85 ($1,500 Shotoout) to advance to the final table of the tournament. This Friday (14th), the 10 winners from each table will be decided in a decision round.

Yuri Martins was the first to confirm his position. Sitting at his table are well-known player Brian Hastings and Colombian Julian Pineda, winner of this year’s KSOP GGPoker Special Main Event. Li Mingzhe stole the show as he accumulated chips and became the executioner of the first eliminated players.

“theNERDguy” jumped on the scoreboard after hitting a triple – All in sent Pineda and another opponent with AK against JJ and JTs after the win. In the three-person game, Yuri’s opponents were Li Mingzhe and Li Haihong. I don’t know if they are relatives, but at least they are friends, and they always speak in Chinese, which makes the Brazilian feel uncomfortable, as he later said Mundo Poker.

Yuri made it into fifth pot and noticed that Haihong was afraid to push a lot of hands pre-flop despite the large blinds. In one of the plays, Yuri limped with KK while his opponent pushed all-in with Q5. The heads-up with Mingzhe had its ups and downs, but in the end the ace won in a coin toss of AJ and 88.

At Allan Mello’s tables, the most famous names are Canadian Samuel Gagnon and American Michael Galliano. The samba player was good in both the four-hand stage and was very even in that part of the game. The Brazilian’s turning point came when he flopped 877, won a full house with 88 and managed to double up his stack.

After this stop, it didn’t take long for the heads-up to be formed in the form of two quick eliminations. Allen was at a disadvantage against Vadim Shlez. The Ukrainian, who owns a WSOP bracelet, confessed to the gaucho that he has been a pro for a long time in his career but doesn’t play much anymore. During one of those breaks, Allan showed his confidence in the comeback.

Sheik said that he won the first round with a 5-1 advantage after the heads-up start. The situation against Schleitz quickly came. After chipping away at his opponent, Allan confirmed AJ’s final table against KT on Q7495. In his post-match interview, the samba grinder admitted he hadn’t played an ITM game in Las Vegas for two weeks.

There may be two more Brazilians on the final table. Gustavo Mastelotto loses heads-up after a good showdown with Faraz Jaka, Fabiano Kovalski ) is eliminated in a four-max match. The two stars who made it to the second round took home $5,759, as did the other 90 players eliminated on Friday.

Yuri and Alan have been awarded $19,003, but what? All they really want is the bracelet and $237,367 reserved for the championship. The tournament final table is scheduled to begin at 3pm Brazil time (11am Las Vegas time).

Check out the 10 finalists:

Adam Friedman (USA)

Zhou Mo (China)

Chen Ao (USA)

Faraz Jaka (USA)

Olga Iermolcheva (Ukraine) )

Edward Mroczkowski (USA)

Allan Mello (Brazil)

Matteo Cavelier (France)

Michael Finstein (USA)

Yuri Martins (Brazil)

Bet bonuses:

1. – $237,367

2. – $146,686

3. – $109,780

4. – $82,954

5. – $63,295

6. – $48,772

7. – $37,955

8. – $29,834

9. – $23,689

10. – $19,003

Yuri Martins and Allan Mello Reach WSOP Major Fina...

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    This text provides an overview of the Brazilian poker players, Yuri Martins and Allan Mello, advancing to the final table at Event #85 ($1,500 Shotoout). It also mentions the notable players at each table and the prize money at stake.

  • This passage discusses the performance of Brazilian poker players Yuri Martins and Allan Mello in Event #85. It highlights their journey to the final table, their opponents, and their accomplishments so far. The passage also provides information on the tournament structure and the potential prize winnings for the top 10 players.

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