yamila5 wins for Roja in the PokerStars Sunday Special

Regular tournaments and the Main Event of Bounty Generator Week feature Monday at PokerStars.

The Red Spade Room hosted 11 tournaments with a jackpot of over €10,000 and a prize pool of €415,000 . Two of them ended with Spain winning.

yamila5” won the 100€ Sunday offer and won a prize of 8,000.85€. The tournament has 488 entrants and a €50,000 pot.

1$11DUR” won the 10€ PKO 6-Max (1,251, € 66).

To date, the BBW-30: €125 Main Event [PKO, 8-Max] has 1,805 entries and a prize pool of €205,770 strong. Braziliandonato161” narrowly won the title after beating Spaniard “khali1606” (€16,074.75) (€21,529.77).

With the above two victories, Roja yesterday’s total score was 29. Here are the Spanish winners:

The Spaniard won 10 doubles (marked with an asterisk in the list) and balance in HU are very good for our team:19 wins vs 10 second places.

These are results from Monday tournament :

  1. yamila5 (Sunday bid 100 euros. Prize pool: 8,000.85 euros. Venue: 488. Prize pool: 50,000 euros. Country: Spain).
  2. donato161 (BBW -30: €125 Main Event [PKO, 8-a-side]. Prize pool: €21,529.77. Field: 1,805. Field: 1,805. Prize pool: €205,770. Country: Brazil).
  3. 1$11 DUR (PKO $10 6-max prize pool: €1,251.66. Field: €1,252. Field: 1,252. Prize pool: €11,268. Country: Spain).
  4. JPSCP7 ( Larger €50. Price: €2,402.20. Venues: 296. Venues: 296. Prize pool: €13,320. Country: Portugal).
  5. dodzlimp (Mini Thunder €10. Prize pool: €2,641.08. Venues: €2,850. Fields: €2,850. Prize pool: €25,650. Country: France).
  6. OUKMA (Thunder 50. Prize money: €3,587.01. Fields: 529. Prize pool: €23,805. Country: France).
  7. MarcoTEU59 (100 Euros for SM Night Star. Prize Pool: 4,174.01 Euros. Live: 253. Prize Pool: 22,770 Euros. Country: France).
  8. iambrn (Bounty Generator 10 EUR. Prize pool: EUR 1,401.03. Venue: 1,351. Prize pool: EUR 12,159. Country: Portugal).
  9. Didigodi (Bounty Generator £20. Bonus: 1,648.26 Euros. Site: 628. Site: 628. Prize pool: €11,304. Country: Kazakhstan).
  10. Bug$ Bunnyyy (Big Bang € 50. Prize pool: €3,472.26. Fields: 382. Fields: 382. Prize pool: €17,190. Country: Ukraine).
  11. AmbasadorPro (Bounty Night €10. Prize Pool: €2,279.56. Venue: 2,490. Prize Pool: 22,410. Country: Ukraine).

Today, the Regular Tournament is once again in the spotlight at PokerStars. VGL, Spanish!

Responsible gaming. It is illegal for anyone under the age of 18 to play online poker.

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  • This text provides a summary of the results and winners of various tournaments hosted by PokerStars. It mentions the countries of the winners and the prize pools of each tournament. It also includes a note about responsible gaming and the legal age requirement to play online poker.

  • This text provides information about recent poker tournaments at PokerStars, highlighting the winners and prize pools. It emphasizes the success of Spanish and Brazilian players and concludes with a reminder about responsible gaming and age restrictions.

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