WSOP Spring Circuit Event 8 heads-up winner Tulio Dutra collects $122,000.

Beating the Brazilians is a must if you want to win on the WSOP Spring Circuit felts. Prize Pool Eight: $800 NL Tulio Dutra gave the pot to the Dutch player Tom Vogelsang and lost the Hold ’em DeepStack tournament. The winner of the tournament at GGPoker took home $163,210, while the owner of the account “dutra n8” won $122,389.

Tulio, who started the deciding hand as the leader, continued to battle for the chip lead even as the playing field became more difficult. He called Georgios Zisimopoulos’s 3-bet push in an 8-player pot, exposing AK. The Greek quadrupled his stack with AQ after finding an out on a board of Q445J.

Tulio quickly made a full recovery. In the 8-handed table, he revealed AK against AQ from naal bait in another pre-flop all-in. Despite having the advantage in 6J1088, the Israeli nonetheless lost the CL against the Brazilian.

Tulio managed to go to heads-up after eliminating four other players. With the flip of 98J in the 3-handed game, he went all-in and was called by “NeverLucky96,” who had K10 for his 35 bbs. Tulio, who held KK, was in the minority after the turn 2 and the river 4.

The starting position in the gold ring showdown was 33 bbs deep. Vogelsang eventually took the lead for good after winning many consecutive pots. After the miner got down to 12 bbs, he called Volgesang’s false all-in without showing any cards. Tulio’s A9 versus A6 was not shocked by the 10739 board, and he won the hand.

Tulio made a 3-bet shove for 19 bbs with K10 the very following level. Vogelsang chose to make a call, and he showed KQ. Tulio conceded defeat when the European had a lead of 8A972.

Event 8 had 1,659 entries and raised $1,260,840 in prize money, surpassing the guarantee by almost $100,000.

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  • This text describes the performance of Tulio Dutra in the WSOP Spring Circuit felts, where he ultimately lost the Hold em DeepStack tournament. Despite facing challenges and making a strong recovery, Tulio was unable to secure victory against the Dutch player Tom Vogelsang.

  • This text provides a detailed account of Tulio Dutra’s performance in the WSOP Spring Circuit felts, including his battles with other players and his ultimate defeat. It also highlights the prize money and the number of entries in the tournament.

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