WSOP 2023: Nick Yunis and Maxi Gallardo ITM for Event 90

WSOP 2023: Nick Yunis & Maxi Gallardo Win Event #9...

Argentina’s Maximiliano Gallardo and Chile’s Nick Yunis won $10,000 in the Event #90 No-Limit Hold’em 6-max tournament.

The tournament had 550 entries worth a total of $10,000 and a prize pool of $5,115,000. Winners include Espen Jorstad (No. 83),

David Peters (No. 76), Sergio Aido (No. 71), Rainer Kempe (No. 68)

WSOP 2023: Nick Yunis & Maxi Gallardo Win Event #9...

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  • This text shares information about the recent winners and prize pool of the No-Limit Holdem 6-max tournament. It highlights the success of Argentinas Maximiliano Gallardo and Chiles Nick Yunis, along with other notable winners such as Espen Jorstad, David Peters, Sergio Aido, and Rainer Kempe.

  • This text announces the winners and details of the No-Limit Holdem 6-max tournament, including the prize money and notable participants. The inclusion of the winners’ nationalities adds a global perspective to the competition.

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