This hand reminds us why we love poker

This hand reminds us why we love poker

The World Series of Poker (WSOP) Main Event has reached crunch time, with the final table featuring the top nine players in the tournament. But before that, there have been thousands of amazing hands, one of which happened very close to the FT bubble.

You will be surprised by the works you see below. Daniel Weinman spent the “only time” of his life doing so, successfully breaking the “terrible reputation” associated with paired boys. The American faces a challenging situation where his tournament qualification is in jeopardy and he faces two opponents with better cards.

At 400,000/800,000 in the big blind, Joshua Payne made a min-raise and Jose Aguilera responded , re-raised to 4,500,000 on the button. In a bold move, Weinman moved all-in with his remaining 29,100,000 chips. To everyone’s surprise, both the first attacker and the second opponent decided to call, leading to an exciting showdown.

In the final duel, Weinman had a pair of checkers -qs-ac-, while his opponent had a pair of Kings K K for the shortest stack and a pair of J J J for the third player. The flop didn’t bring any surprises as the first three cards were A-7-4. What follows, however, is an ode to the excitement of this spiritual sport.

The excitement continues for this year’s WSOP tournament as the final table is finalized. The remaining nine players will compete for the title and the prestigious gold bracelet. This unusual story shows that anything can happen in poker, even at the most unlikely of times.

This hand reminds us why we love poker

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