The moment in which Olvio Gontijo goes for an outing on the river is just priceless.

Everyone knows that Olvio Gontijo will have an unforgettable moment while streaming. The “bigfatfat” appears to be drawn to events that go on indefinitely, giving him enough opportunity to shine in highlights. And not long after the 2022 Clip of the Year was named at the World Poker Awards, 2023 already has a promising contender.

At the time of the hand in issue, the 4bet Poker Team pro was playing in the Global MILLION$ on GGPoker and was down by less than 10 blinds. In the large blind, Olivio called the open raise from the Brazilian “d bergkamp” with a stop-and-go defense.

As the streamer had a decent hand after the flip, the “bigfatfat” called his all-in bet. But, the player’s chances didn’t hold up in the showdown, when “d bergkamp” delivered an overpair. The streamer’s first thoughts were a combination of realizing he had bumped the top and trying to downplay the power of his opponent’s hand.

In addition, Pedro Padilha and Rodrigo Seiji have reached the final table of the Super MILLION$ High Rollers event.

On the turn, though, Gontijo was dealt a card that turned his smile into a three-bet grimace. Not wanting to pass on the opportunity to speak with the excellent runnada, Olivio spoke up and said: “What do you think, Dad? Absolutely useless “, but he had no idea what was waiting for him after the game was over.

Following the age-old dictum that those who rejoice too soon will be punished, the river revealed the one and only way for the streamer’s opponent to win the pot, despite holding a stronger full house. The huge fat fat saw what was happening and almost “cored himself” laughing uncontrollably and finding the whole thing amusing.

Olvio Gontijo lost and had to settle with the crazy cards he was dealt “Guys, what is this? I can’t stand this game “, he said, sounding a little skeptical. The tournament’s flow was derailed, but the video seems to have earned a place among the year’s best footage.

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  • This text seems to be describing a memorable moment during a poker stream, where Olvio Gontijo had a disappointing hand and lost the game. Despite the loss, the text suggests that the footage of this moment has gained recognition and a place among the best footage of the year.

  • This text appears to be discussing a memorable moment experienced by Olvio Gontijo while streaming a poker game. Despite having a strong hand, Gontijo ultimately loses to his opponent’s even stronger hand, resulting in a surprising outcome. The text highlights the unexpected nature of the game and the video of this moment is deemed noteworthy.

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