The Hispanic Super Monday on PokerStars is being led by lupenako1994 of Team Red.

Super Monday at PokerStars included the site’s regular tournaments.

The red spade room had ten events with total prize pools of over €257k and jackpots of over €10,000. The Spanish team won in one of these MTTs.

The winner of the €50 Bigger was “lupenako1994”, who took home a cool €3,108.27. There were 400 entrants, and the total prize pool was €18,000.

This victory brings La Roja’s total for the day to 25. The Spanish champions were:

SuperStack: €1; Fitus69.

“pk2401” (PKO 20€).

“SonNuki” (10 Euros PKO).

What the locals call “FornCanFlo” (5 Euro SuperStack).

“aditzucupop” (5 Euros PKO).

“IonScarD” (20 Euros for Ultra KO).

SuperStack 3€, blai 4kike.


“interoker” (€1), “miguestars” (€1), and so on are all SuperStack buy-ins.

“miguestars” (PKO 50€), “JPitiCiv” (PKO 50€), and “miguestars” (PKO 50€).

PKO 20€ for “JPitiCiv.”

“Bigger 50€” “lupenako 1994.”

This is the instantcold1 (SuperStack 1€) hand.

dominantstar (SuperStack 5€).

SuperStack for ten Euros, or “chekpushtum.”

(“amparo63,” “Bounty Builder £5.00).

Daily Micro £1; cucu1087.

(Hyper KO, ten Euros) “yungcrstall!”

salmantino77 (Mini Hot BigStack Turbo €5).

SuperStack Turbo 10 euro *”katanga7210″ *.

“coolstack84” (Super Monday Midnight Express, 20€).

(Zoom PKO 30€) *(monaguillo97) (Zoom PKO 30€).

SuperStack Turbo 5€ (Zetto, 1964).

Ten dollar “BiTeSS” (PKO).

Gambitarochil means “Hold ’em NL €1” in Gaelic.

Seven doubles were won by the Spanish (they are shown on the list with an asterisk), and our HU record was 18 victories to 10 seconds, a very beneficial margin.

Results from regular events with five-figure pots are as follows:

Ukrainian flaT1k45 (€10 6-Max PKO, €1,512.07 first place, 1,353 players, €12,177 total prize fund).

(Bigger €50. Prize pool: €3,108.27. Field: 400. Prize pool: €18,000. Country: Spain) lupenako1994.

Tavimmm! (Mini Thunder, €10; Field, €3; Prize Pool, €2,664.69; Field, €3,219; Country, Brazil; Prize Pool, €28,971).

Field: 785. Prize pool: €35,325. Country: Latvia. I Robot 2018 (Thunder €50. Prize pool: €5,199.35.

Eighty-nine (€100 SM Night on Stars, €4,914.85 first place, 347 players, €31,230 total prize pool, France).

Portugal (666raul666), €12,906 (BB £10; Prize Pool €1,618.43; Field 1,434; Prize Pool €12,906).

French break2888 (£20 BB, £1,472.89 1st place, 693 players, £12,474 total prize fund).

France’s stroposauce (Big Bang 50€. Prize: €3.484.74. Field: 458. Prize pool: €20,610. Country: France).

Prize pool for PstarTrek ($20,619. Field size: 2,291. Prize pool total: €2,101.60. Country: France) was €10 for Bounty Night.

Field: 720. Prize pool: £64,800. Country: Malta. Sunday Special £100. Prize pool: €9,921.75.

Today, PokerStars will shift its emphasis back to its regularly scheduled events. To the Spanish: VGL!

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