The final table of the Winamax Poker Tour Main Event will be dominated by Ramon Fernandez.

After today’s final table, tomorrow’s Grand Final of the Winamax Poker Tour will be played at 14:00, marking the last stretch of the tournament.

The last day of the tournament at the Gran Casino de Aranjuez drew 32 hopefuls yesterday. One of them left before lunch, and thereafter the eliminations continued at a steady pace until the participants were divided into two tables. The upbeat game was put on hold, and the eliminations were put off, so maybe the limelight blinded them. But then Ramon Fernandez showed up, and he and Ignacio Grao were both wiped out.

Iulen Lucunza was the last man standing out of the remaining 15, followed by André Silva in 14th, Pablo Alvear in 13th, Manuel Ledesma in 12th, Alberto Diaz in 11th, Bejamn Garca in 10th, and Emilio Llano in 9th (9th).

The Main Event cost €500 to enter, ran for 4 days, attracted 1,060 players, and had a total prize money of €500,000.

The total number of participants and those still in the game after 5 days is as follows:

Day 1A statistics: 119 participants, 20 remaining.

Day 1B statistics: 218 entrants, 35 finishers.

Day 1C Turbo competition: 45 participants, 8 finishers.

There were a total of 521 entrants on Day 1D, with 87 making it through unscathed.

There were 137 participants on Day 1E Turbo, and 24 made it.

There were 174 participants on day 2, but only 32 made it through to the next day.

By the end of Day 3, just 8 players were left.

The final table will be contested tomorrow with the remaining eight players.

12,000,000 Ramon Fernandez

7 625,000.00 Pablo Martinez

7.35 million for Javier Parra

7,000,000 for Cristiano Franco.

6.5 million Bensadi Bephishe

6.175,000 Sergei Sukhanov

4.9 million for Alejandro Nicola

Dicis 2.775.000 Marianus

And for these spoils they are prepared to battle.









I wish everyone success, especially the winners.

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  • Jerod.corkery

    This text provides an overview of the Winamax Poker Tour tournament, highlighting the number of participants, eliminations, and prize money. It also mentions the remaining players and their respective chip counts for the final table. The author expresses their well wishes for the participants, particularly the winners.

  • This text appears to be a recount of the final table and participants in the Winamax Poker Tour tournament. It provides details on the number of participants, eliminations, and remaining players, as well as the prize money distribution. The author expresses their wishes for success to all participants, especially the winners.

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