Stagnoli took fourth place in the LAPT Rio for Argentina.

Stagnoli took fourth place in the LAPT Rio for Argentina.

The winner of Event 17 was an Olavarrá native, giving Argentine poker a new shining light in Rio de Janeiro.

During the opening day of the LAPT Rio de Janeiro, the Argentine players raised three spades at the Windsor Maramendi in Barra da Tijuca. But things settled down until Sunday, when Miguel Stagnoli awarded the Albiceleste fleet its fourth star.

A tournament with a US$150 buy-in and 48 entrants yielded a total prize pool of R$40,680, which was won by an Olavarra native.

Stagnoli won R$12,800 after defeating Darci Fantin in heads-up play, while Fantin settled for R$9,260 as the runner-up. Leonel Otazo, a Chilean, came in third place and won R$5,900. None of these cash amounts account for bounties.

Ivan Raich (4th, R$4,480) and Sebasitan Zalazar -ar (6th, R$2,640) also representing Argentina at the final table spoke to the country’s bright future. “The results were not surprising given the widespread and extreme popularity of poker in Argentina. Of sure, chance plays a role, but the truth remains that there are a lot of us in the game “said the victor.

“I couldn’t be happier with my victory and the success of my fellow champions. The spade is wonderful; it elicits profound feelings and has a unique quality “lauded Stagnoli, who, despite having intended to visit Rio, wound up saving cash because to a package he won on PokerStars.

The LAPT Rio featured Event #17 NLH Turbo Bounties.

Get in for $150 USD

48 Entries (38 unique players)

Pot: R$40,680

Conclusion table

1st Place: R$12,800 (Miguel Stagnoli)

Runner-up, Darci Fantin, R$9,260

Third place, Leonel Otazo, R$5,900

Fourth-place Ivan Raich, R$4,480

Ranking #5: R$3,460 for Gilmar Chrusciak

Sixth Place: R$2,640 to Sebastian Zalazar

7th Place: R$2,140 to Alexandre Duarte

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