Shaun Deeb shares what a $1,000,000 bet looks like

Shaun Deeb shares what a $1,000,000 bet looks like

Шон Диб 2023

Shaun Deeb and Bill Perkins bet over $1,000 in March Fun bet $.000. Sean faced a challenge: reduce his body fat percentage to 17%. When the bet began, Dib weighed 300 pounds and had 40 percent body fat.

If Dibb meets expectations, Perkins will pay him $1 million under the terms of the bet. If Shaun Deeb doesn’t answer the phone, Bill will get $100,000 from the poker player.

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I Won Any Other Poker Game Players?

Have other poker players also managed to lose weight?

Bill Perkins recently made a bet with Douglas Polk. Douglas had to reduce subcutaneous fat tissue from 27.7 percent to 13.85 percent in one year. Less than a month later, Douglas conceded defeat and paid Bill $200,000.

Beginning of the betting

Sean created a YouTube channel called MillionDollarDeeb where he documents the betting. To make the bet work out, Sean hired a trainer, a nutritionist and a massage therapist. The poker player has also overhauled his diet and started exercising.

On April 18, two full weeks have passed since the betting began. Sean shared the first results: the weight dropped from 138 kg to 133 kg, but the subcutaneous fat mass remained at 40%.

To achieve his goal, Sean needs to lose weight to 96kg. Can he succeed? Share your opinion in the comments.

Shaun Deeb shares what a $1,000,000 bet looks like

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