Sergi Reixach goes for hypers to brighten up his session at .com

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We have chosen the role of Sergi Reixach to illustrate the inefficient infection that Red experienced yesterday in one of the more varied and numerous tracks Mal.

Plenty of final table options at Pokerstars.comSCOOP went down the drain, including Sergi’s frustrating win out of a field of 14,076 entrants in the Mini Sunday Million The 166th gathered.

“srxakgirona” is the easiest choice for bad news, because with it we can have a happy ending. At the last minute, at midnight, the Catalan kicked off the GGPoker World Festival #103 with different classes of events, and the FT he was supposed to play in the mini-SM tournament on day three ended just two hours later. Doubled for him

The top buy-in class WF103-S Monday Megasonic HR $1,050 brought him the best results, both in terms of position and prize money. He finished second out of 74 players, with Ole Schemion (2nd, $21,315) keeping him out of the win.

In In the $250 version, the tournament dates were similar due to 523 participants, but not as good as Ongyan Dimov or Jens Arends Sergi from the podium (4th, $8,108).

These achievements from Reixach are the most notable additions to the demanding and competitive two-day festival line-up, and they could also include Ignacio Morón at the WF89-S Bounty Hunters SHR $5,250 Finished sixth in the race. The re-buy swallowed up all the bounty Nacho might have earned, but the $415,000 prize was enough to reward his presence at FT and get some extra cash. All in all, it was a pretty good day for Morón, who earned $25,190.

Jose Castillo, repeating the Omaholic Bounty Main Event, or Juan Pardo, equally active and captivated by three final tables during the session, did not pocket five-figure cashes, but It’s worth mentioning their FT, even if only marginally.

SCOOP’s Sunday event did, and the Reds’ list of winners won’t get bigger, but our players continue to give hope every day. This is today’s menu.

SCOOP Tracks

SCOOP 43-L 6-Max $55 (76 players out of 6,779): 66. “Mikel Unanue,” with a top prize of $20,000.

SCOOP 43-M 6-Max $ 55 (76 of 6,779 players): 11. “JBAG28” with over $34,000 in prize money .

SCOOP 45-M $109 (76 of 6,779 players): 132. “Turko_man,” up to $36,000.

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