Rafael Reis Wins Event 15 of the WSOP for $465,000

Rafael Reis Wins Event 15 of the WSOP for $465,000

In just four days, Rafael Reis did not miss his gold bracelet at the third Brazil FT event at the WSOP 2023. He won $465,501 in Event 15: $1,500 No-Limit Hold’em 6 Hands.

Rafael did not give his opponent a moment’s peace as he entered the final day, trailing leader Sarah Herzali. Gabriel Schroeder from Santa Catarina, on the other hand, lost momentum and left before the FT was formed. Pushing all-in pre-flop, he collided with Ryan Hohner’s K-K and dropped to 11th. Grinder made a total of $36,799.

With only one table left in the Horseshoe Casino room, Rafael quickly took the lead and began to take control. In three hands, he managed to eliminate the call for the first time after beating a pre-flop all-in. Herzali made an all-in push and was called by the Brazilian with J♠J♥. Holder of K♥9♥, the French couldn’t find her out on the J♣A♥7♦10♣5♣ board.

With an early heads-up advantage, Rafael overtook Spaniard Daniel Barry Olympic River. Even “La Mirada” did not stand in the way of the championship. Another pre-flop all-in, A 9 vs 10 10, he celebrated when the dealer flipped the 4 3 6 2 5 board and thought he had a straight, but it was a tie and the pot was split.

Raphael remained comfortably ahead and finished the race at the next level. With A♠Q♠ against 9♣8♣, he flopped 4♣A♣6♥, but the 10 on the turn and Q♥ on the river confirmed his unprecedented WSOP crack.

Race 15 won $3,276 out of 2,454 entries for a 0.090 entry. See how much each finalist has won:

1. Rafael Reis (Brazil) $465,501

2. Daniel Barriocanal (Spain) $287,679

3. Sarah Herzali (France) $207,720

4. Nikolaos Angelou (Greece) $151,559

5. John Monette (USA) $111,755

6. Grant Wang (USA) $83,289

7. Ryan Hohner (USA) $62,746

Rafael Reis Wins Event 15 of the WSOP for $465,000

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  • The text provides a detailed account of Rafael Reis’ successful performance at the WSOP 2023, where he won the gold bracelet and a significant amount of money. It also highlights the performance of other finalists in the event, showcasing their rankings and winnings.

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    I think the text describes Rafael Reis’ impressive victory at the WSOP 2023 event in Brazil, where he won a substantial amount of money. It also highlights some key moments and outcomes of the tournament, including the final table payouts.

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