Putting on a display at the EPT Paris Super High Roller, Chris Brewer won his second championship in the tournament and $959,000.

Chris Brewer has been hoping to break a record in the London Olympics for a long time. He was a star on the University of Oregon’s track and field team in 2012, but he just missed qualifying for the Olympics. And now it was Brewer’s time at poker; the American had progressed from low-stakes games with friends to games with thousands of dollars at risk in under a decade.

The year 2020 saw the beginning of an increase in Brewer’s tournament participation. While his career got off to a rocky start, he has now found himself and is flourishing. The pro won two championships in five days at the European Poker Tour stop in Paris.

In a thrilling heads-up match with Felipe Ketzer, Brewer took down the €25,000 single-day high roller tournament and earned €357,180. Afterwards, he played well in the round’s lone Super High Roller. He has a greatest live result of €959,520, obtained by outlasting 67 opponents.

Despite the closeness of the SHR heads-up, a winner was declared within minutes. Have a look:

At a table with 100,000/200,000 blinds and a BB ante, Brewer started with a raise to 500,000 and then called Jules Dickerson’s 3-bet to 1,500,000. There was a flip of 898, and Dickerson bet $800,000. Brewer then decided to give a call. The turn 5 has already occurred, and Brewer has already committed 1,200,000 of his chips to the middle. The check-call to visit the 8 river was notified by Dickerson. Brewer, who had just received a check, put his 4,825,000 chips to the middle of the table. With just one large blind remaining, Dickerson deliberated for quite some time before deciding to pay. Brewer won the pot with A 8 against his opponent’s 150,000. The next hand was a pre-flop all-in that terminated the tournament. Dickerson was completely outclassed by the 95 over the J8, and even the 4Q982 advantage could not rescue him.

The SHR doled out $3,198,720 to a total of nine participants. Here are the breakdowns:

1. Chris Brewer (EUA) € 959.520

2. Jules Dickerson (Reino Unido) € 623.800

3. Nick Petrangelo (EUA) € 443.000

4. Pedro Marques (Portugal) € 340.700

5. Gregoire Auzoux (França) € 262.300

6. Dimitar Danchev (Bulgaria) € 201.500

7. Steve O’Dwyer (Irlanda) € 155.100

8. Thomas Mühlöcker (Áustria) € 120.000

9. Juan Pardo (Espanha) € 92.800

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  • This text discusses Chris Brewer’s journey from track and field to poker and his recent success in the European Poker Tour. Brewer won two championships, including the high roller tournament, earning a significant amount of money and establishing himself as a skilled player in the industry.

  • The text describes Chris Brewer’s journey from being an aspiring Olympic athlete to becoming a successful poker player. It highlights his recent achievements in winning championships and earning significant winnings in high-stakes tournaments. The text also provides a summary of the final table and prize breakdown from a specific tournament.

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