“Pizzolio-MA” Wins Suprema Poker Series Event 317-M

On Thursday the 8th, the Suprema Poker Series was another success. In Event 317-M: $220 NL Hold’em Battle HR, no one came out on top like “Pizzolio-MA”. He won $29,481 after beating 799 players.

“DaLid” was the winner of Event 129-H: $550 NL Hold’em Mystery. He topped a field of 210 entrants with $28,796.

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Event 130-H: $1000 NL Hold’em HighS (96th entrant).

WINNER: “ToBrefado” R$25,957

Event 131-H: $550 NL Hold’em OmaX HR (85 entrants)

Winner: “#ERRO!” R$22,125

Event 478-L: R$15 NL Hold’em Plus (1,884 participants)

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