Pedro Padilha is in charge of the Super Million$ vote.

Pedro Padilha, a top player, has already twice in three weeks secured his spot in the Super Million$ final. By the end of play on Sunday night, he was all by himself atop the leaderboard with 91 large blinds against German Christoph Vogelsang’s 76.

Rodrigo Seiji, also from Brazil, shot three times to progress to the final while Padilha kept all of his chips throughout the day. With 35 bbs, the 9tales member is in sixth position.

The Super Million$ also included two more Brazilians who finished in the money. Yuri Martins finished in 18th position and added $21,113 to his bankroll before being eliminated.

The previous world champion lasted a few minutes after breaking out of the bubble. With just 5 bbs left, he open shoved from the button against Ravid Garbi’s AK and was quickly eliminated. Yuri’s board of 810357 was completely doomed as he was being dominated by K6.

When Felipe Ketzer dropped out, he was in 11th position. The overall profit for The Team’s co-founder was $29,160. Ketzer defended the large and declared a 3-bet push of 4 bbs as his last action. Padilha called and tabled Q9 again to restart the action. Ketzer lost when the board showed J4953 with KQ.

On Tuesday, March 7 at 3 p.m. (Braslia time), the final table of the Super Million$ will begin with blinds of 20,000/40,000 and an ante of 5,000. Check the number of chips:

Number one: Brazil’s Pedro Padilha (3,667,089)

Second place: 3.044,948 by German’s Christoph Vogelsang

Third place: Israeli’s Ravid Garbi (1,572,173)

#4: Barak Wisbrod (Israel), 1,512,493

Fifth, Brazil’s Rodrigo Seiji (1,414,989)

Sixth: “tacofiesta” (1,377,184, Mexico)

Niklas Astedt (7, Sweden) 1,376,158

8 “P0t RippeR” (1,326,629), from Cyprus

Number Nine: 608,337, Belarus’ Aliaksei Boika

Earnings at Risk:

1. $323.184

2. $253.040

3. $198.690

4. $155.789

5. $122.152

6. $95.777

7. $75.097

8. $58.882

9. $46.169

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