Patrick Leonard slams these sites and their ambassadors

Patrick Leonard slams these sites and their ambass...

These are certainly opinions, but when one of the best players in the world has one, it should at least be taken into account. After some recent scandals and accusations of cheating at poker tables, Patrick Leonard released a video in which he questioned the room and his fellow ambassadors, who, in his opinion Should do more than just “cash their check.” For example, warn users. The Briton complained that the attitude seemed “a joke” and “disrespectful” to him, as cheating was observed while professionals “did nothing”. 20 “That’s a tough conversation for amateur and professional poker players alike,” Leonard began. “The level of fraud that occurred and the respect we received from the website and ambassadors was just a joke.”

Leonard then noted that although ambassadors promote the site, they encourage signups through referral links andcontinue to have their faces associated with them. websiteEvery time players get scammed while playing the game, nothing happens.

We show up every day on sites where you ask us to play, we pay full commissions and get scammed

“You sit across from us at the poker table in a live tournament and smile “We were best friends. But where did our money go? It’s gone,” the Briton protested.

“It’s disrespectful,” the pro continued, before suggesting that some players are afraid to speak out for fear of losing their next paycheck . “We are your friends, your colleagues, your colleagues, and you are the ambassadors of a website that defrauded us of 5 million, 10 million, 15 million, whatever it was.”

” We hear nothing. They say, “Oh, you know, I can’t say anything, it’s in my contract”; rip up the contract and throw it in the trash. Do you really want to represent sites that are ripping off their colleagues? ?”

Leonard vs Venue

“They scammed us out of millions of dollars – where the hell did our millions of dollars come from? It’s okay to close 50 accounts and do all this stuff, but where does the money go?” ? What if they said, “Well, they withdrew the money. ” It’s not our problem. It’s your problem. They gave us the game.”

“We played there because you said you were going to play there. If you Haven’t invested in a big enough security team and spent money on X or Y ads, find out. Find out where that money is going and give it back to us because it’s ours Money.”

Bonomo supports Leonard.

Leonard also responded to a user, saying it had nothing to do with any particular website. “Basically, there’s stuff going on everywhere right now, cash/MTT, collusion, GTOwiz, bots, power usersand stuff that none of us know about,” he said, before reiterating that “ambassadors around the world are Don’t know.”

After the four-time winner’s video, PokerNews reported that only the 2023 WCOOP, countless SCOOPs, the 2022 partypoker Millions and many more online tournaments( Live), he added $3 million in prize money), some of whom have already accepted the challenge.

Matt Glantz replied: “Unfortunately, this is That’s not the reality in almost any industry.” There’s nothing special about poker. Meanwhile, Justin Bonomo praised Leonard and Maria Ho expressed her appreciation for the video, saying: “We show our support every time trust in the website and its business practices.” We want to play and spend our tickets. As sponsors, we must be prepared to advocate for stricter safety measures. “What do you think? We read your messages in our network…

Patrick Leonard slams these sites and their ambass...

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  • The text discusses the concerns raised by professional poker player Patrick Leonard regarding cheating at poker tables and the lack of action taken by the poker websites and ambassadors. Leonard criticizes the ambassadors for promoting the websites but not doing enough to protect players. The text also mentions the support Leonard received from other players, suggesting a need for stricter safety measures in the industry.

  • The text discusses poker player Patrick Leonard’s concerns about cheating and lack of action from poker rooms and ambassadors. Leonard calls for more accountability and warns that players may be afraid to speak out due to fear of losing their income. Other players, such as Justin Bonomo and Maria Ho, express support for Leonard’s views and advocate for stricter safety measures in the industry.

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