One million visitors celebrate City Center Online’s first birthday.

In honor of City Center Online’s first birthday, one million

Join the free Anniversary Tournament being held in the virtual room of Latin America’s leading casino. It also includes a raffle as an added treat.

In honor of City Center Online’s first birthday, one million

Rosario’s City Center Online has a big party to mark its one year online. If this were a real tournament, I’d tell everyone to toss their chips out the window, but because it’s online, they can do it from the comfort of their own homes. Now, the Anniversary Tournament has arrived, promising one million pesos in prizes (a record that will almost certainly be shattered) and offering many ways to enter, including for free.

Again, see ALSONacho Barbero.

On April 17 at 21:30, you may participate in the birthday tournament for 9,900 pesos and a starting stack of 15,000. Every 10 minutes, the blinds increase by one, and you may re-enter the game until you reach Level 16. Those that arrive before the late registration deadline are eligible for the Early Stack bonus of 2,000 points.

Consequently, the method to take part in this and other casino virtual competitions is to visit, a platform accessible to everyone located inside Santa Fe Province. Sit & Go, additional tournaments, and cash games are all accessible there. The room caters to players of all skill levels by providing tables with varying minimum entrance requirements and maximum betting limits.

Online City Center Qualifier

Starting on Monday, April 21st, daily 23:00 satellites will be held with a 5,000 chip starting stack, a $990 add-on (delivering 10,000 chips), 5,000 ante, 5,000 blinds, and re-entries through Level 18.

At the same time, Freerolls offering two seats into the aforementioned qualification will be played at 15:30 local time.

In addition to the competition, a celebration raffle has been organized, in which you may take part if you follow the City Center Poker account.

The winnings will consist of…

Package includes buddy, thermos, t-shirt, hat, and registration for the March 20 at 22:30 Super Uppercut competition.

T-shirt, hat, buddy, and thermos set.

Mate, thermos, tee, and hat set.

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