No mother like a mother: Lina Komaromi wins women’s competition

No mother like a mother: Lina Komaromi wins women'...

There is family, there is family. Some people like to go to the movies together, others enjoy outdoor activities, maybe camping or even biking, why not? On the other hand, there are someKomaromis who prefer to gather around the green cloth of the poker table.

Alex and Luciano , two of the three brothers, members of the clan are the most recognized in the field, especially in Enjoy Punta del Este. But there are more: Pedro also plays; Cecilia, another sister who already won at the same institution, Now adding a trophy to the list is Mama Lena, who won the Enjoy the Poker Tour’s 19th NLH Women’s Event this Wednesday.

Lina Gecelter, mother of Komaromi.

Known as Lina Gecelter, Komaromi’s mother lifted the trophy from the women’s exclusive tournament and walked away defeating Larissa Haauagge After earning $2,019, Larissa Haauagge finished heads-up with $1,085.

Pilar Gaggioni, Lucianos Girlfriend, therefore Lina’s daughter-in-law also participated in this championship, while others Regular players who also stood out at the table were Casey Nezhoda and Pamela Balzano , Giselle Berisso, Rebeca Rebuitti and Micaela Yanigroet al.

Event No. 19 Ladies – Enjoy the Poker Journey

Buy-in: $220


Jackpot: $3,104

Final Position

1. Lina Gecelter – $2,0192. Larissa Havag – $1,085

No mother like a mother: Lina Komaromi wins women'...

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  • This text highlights the various activities and interests of the Komaromi family, including their passion for poker. It also mentions the recent achievement of Lina Gecelter, who won the Enjoy the Poker Tours 19th NLH Womens Event.

  • Hortense.rohan

    This text discusses the different activities that the Komaromi family enjoys, including playing poker. It mentions that Lina Gecelter, the mother of the Komaromi family, recently won a poker tournament and walked away with a cash prize of $2,019.

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