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No-deposit bonuses may help you familiarize yourself with a poker room and, with a certain degree of competence, grow your bankroll. This page contains all the information on current no-deposit offers for 2022. Nowadays, no-deposit bonuses are not all that popular among poker sites.

Poker sites offering no-deposit bonuses

While virtually all poker sites provide a first deposit incentive in some way, no-deposit promotions are currently very uncommon. Only 888Poker and Grompoker provide them at this time.

For your convenience, we have compiled a comparison table of no-deposit poker bonuses.

What exactly is a no-deposit bonus?

A no deposit poker bonus is a “promotional” offer from a poker room that enables you to get cash or tickets without making a deposit of your own money.

The obvious reason poker rooms “give away” incentives without requiring deposits is to attract new players, which is the primary objective of any website. However, free bonuses are typically small amounts and tickets to less prestigious tournaments, so they are, to put it mildly, insufficient for significant profits.

If, however, players are able to boost their gains by successfully playing their registration bonus, they will still be required to pay the minimum permitted deposit in order to withdraw funds from their account.

How can I get a no-deposit bonus?

Regardless of the bonus’s characteristics, there are two simple steps required to obtain it: sign up for a poker room and get verified.

The first step is account creation. It entails inputting the player’s login, password, and personal information on a dedicated website. Sometimes, this information is uploaded to a unique part of the room’s website titled “personal cabinet.”

The second is the email address and personal information confirmation (name, date of birth, home address). For this reason, the player must provide copies of his passport (driver’s license, or identification card) and any official printed document with his address that is less than three months old.

Often, as an extra requirement for receiving the no-deposit bonus, hotels require that players take a picture with their passport and a piece of paper with the current date.

The player gets his no-deposit bonus and may begin wagering only once the support staff certifies that these steps have been successfully completed (usually this occurs within 72 hours).

How can I gamble and cash out my no-deposit bonus?

Different wagering terms may apply to each room. At 888 Poker, for instance, a portion of the “no deposit” bonus is given in $8 increments for every 250 points earned in a real-money game. At Grompoker, the bonus is separated into 11 pieces, each of which is deposited into the account only after a 100-hryvnia rake has been paid.

In addition, the regulations of the room may put limitations on the period of the bonus, as well as the wagering limits and accessible games.

Contrast no-deposit bonus with welcome bonus

These notions are often confused by newcomers. While it is not essential, let us attempt to explain.

Welcome bonuses in poker are often regarded as bonuses for the initial deposit to a poker room or those offered for registration, but for wagering, it will be essential to pay cash in order to play for real money.

With “no deposit,” you may begin playing instantly.

In addition, you may get both bonuses simultaneously. a single unit at a time. Even if the poker room only provides one.

Benefits and disadvantages

First, the no-deposit bonus provides:

On the other hand, it must be acknowledged that, because to the wagering requirements, it is essentially unprofitable; for the same amount of rake, the deposit bonus and loyalty scheme provide far more value.

To begin gambling online, it is far more beneficial to take advantage of these deals.

More methods to play free online poker

A no-deposit bonus is not the only method to play online poker for free. Freerolls, which are tournaments with no entry fee, are immensely popular among poker players. Every gamer may participate in this “tournament” without fee.

The primary benefit of freerolls is the opportunity to play without risking your own funds.

Due to the often “inadequate” acts of opponents, it is impossible to formulate an effective strategy. Long-term participation in freerolls might result in the development of “bad” poker habits that are considerably more difficult to eliminate than those acquired by learning the game properly from beginning.


Am I permitted to withdraw no-deposit bonuses?

A no deposit bonus cannot be withdrawn immediately after obtaining it. You must first gamble the bonus amount and deposit the minimum amount into your gaming account.

At which poker sites can I get a signup bonus without making a deposit?

888Poker and Grompoker are two poker venues that provide an initial deposit bonus.

Are no-deposit bonuses truly complimentary?

They are really free. You only need to register and verify your account to obtain one.

Which games can I play with a no-deposit bonus?

It is a typical practice for poker room regulations to restrict the availability of no-deposit incentives to a certain selection of tables. For instance, to engage in Sit&Go tournaments, spins, multi-table tournaments, or cash games. Without exception, you should thoroughly review the restrictions for utilizing all perks.


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