Money won by Andrew Robl at PokerGO: $1,710,000

The three “No Gamble, No Future” high-stakes cash game sessions presented by PokerGO attracted a lot of attention since they included massive pots, including one won by Patrick Antonius. The six participants who put up the $600,000 buy-in played on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Not only Antonius, but also Markus Gonsalves, MJ Gonzales, Rob Yong, and Eric Persson, were all putting their money on the line in this high-stakes game. But no one performed better than American Andrew Robl, who ended up making a total of $1,296,000. The winner might have requested a $500,000 bonus, but he didn’t need it.

In a PokerGO cash game, Patrik Antonius received a large gift from Eric Persson and won a pot worth about $2 million.

They upped the ante by betting an extra $100,000 apiece, guaranteeing the winner $500,000 regardless of the outcome. Andrew then pocketed the sum, which, when combined to his winnings at the tables, brought his total worth to $1,796,000.

Moreover, Markus Gonsalves contributed to the win column by investing $485,000. Patrik Antonius won a huge pot, but he only ended up ahead by $49,000. MJ Gonzales, meanwhile, lost a total of $130,000. The two greatest losers were Rob Yong and Eric Persson, who each lost $1,100,000.

The attention of Andrew Robl was drawn to three hands. One, he lost a $1,675,000 pot when he split AK with Rob Yong. With two heads-up and a flush draw, he bluffed his opponent out of $775,500. The last hand of the hand belonged to Robl, who defeated Antonius with a full house, a QQ against Antonius’s KK3Jo. The pot was worth $593,000. Counting his or her 33, the Finn was the winner.

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