Lex Veldhus was close to the trophy again at SCOOP 2023

Лекс Вельдхус на SCOOP 2023

A few days ago, Cardmates wrote about Lex Veldhuis The Article Runners-Up in the prestigious SCOOP 2023 competition. He was then stopped by Nikita “Ebaa11” Kuznetsov to come within a hair of victory.

Some time later, Lex tries again to win the SCOOP tournament, but that too doesn’t work. The PokerStars streamer entered SCOOP 13-H with a $620,000 prize pool. He made the final table but was knocked out by Niklas Astedt. Veldhuis finished third in the tournament for $46,000.

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Heads-up SCOOP-13-H meets Niklas “Lena900” Astedt and one from Austria: “Faboulus888”. The legendary Swede was unable to beat the Austrian and ended up finishing runner-up in the event. Interestingly, “Faboulus888” got 10 times more bounties: $48,000 versus Niklas’ $4,000. Well done Austrian players!

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