Just a few days! CEP Barcelona launches this week

Just a few days! CEP Barcelona launches this week

In search of a new monarch, the Spanish Championship of Poker (CEP) hosted by PokerStars will be held in Barcelona in a few days, which is the This year’s fourth stop, the program is brilliant.

This is one of the longest and most storied Spanish circuits in the country and this season its partnership with Die Estrellas Poker Tour will Friday the 11th – Monday the 21st at the Incredible Casino Barcelona bringing the best of poker.

This is what the CEP looks like a few days after Casino Barcelona.

Casino de Barcelona is one of the best places for poker in Spain, which is why the most important international stations stop along the Mediterranean coast. On this occasion, CEP will launch a program of six races with prices ranging from 200€ to 1,100€.

The most important dates for CEP Barcelona

  • 11.-13. August: opening – 330 euros
  • 13.-14. August: Mystery Bounty – €660
  • 14. August – 15: Mini CEP – 200 Euros
  • 15.-20. August: Main Event Cep – €500
  • 19-20 August: Second Chance – €330
  • 20-21 August: High Roller – €1,100

See the official website for all details, structure and leaderboard.

Casino de Barcelona already knows what it means to host a festival in the form of a Spanish Poker Tournament because in 2019 and this February, is Spain The stage for two of the busiest tournaments in poker. History of the track.

“We are delighted with this agreement. The organization has worked hard over the years to build on this.” The track is considered a leader and benchmark in the industry. In 2018, we were the track with the most attendance; in 2019, we were the track with the most attendance, both overall and averaged across all stops. This new collaboration is definitely another leap in quality for CEP, and we hope players are as excited as we are. said CEP Manager Salvador Suriol.

As part of the CEP, the winner received a commemorative watch and entry into the coveted PokerStars Bundle for the Players Championship. The first player to win these awards was Ramon Collillas in 2018, who won the Best Overall entry in 2019 Qualification for the PSPC Bahamas, followed by victory for over $5 million in prize money. Without the PSPC, this year’s overall standings winner would have earned an EPT Barcelona 2024 Main Event Ticket.

For some of his players, CEP plans to broadcast more stations later this year, including Mara plus, Seville and Peralada, making the operation possible to complete in December.

Just a few days! CEP Barcelona launches this week

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