In the inaugural March Winamax Millionaire Express, Nano410 triumphed against bullion.

When Winamax resumed counting millionaire Expressos in 2023, it was because the multiplier of a €100 event had become golden in its chase of the 500 millionth Expresso.

In preparation for the enormous countdown that would eventually lead to the disagreement of the historic tournament that makes the half-billionth, the lobby of the hyperturbo seats of the French room was entirely altered in the night of Friday into Saturday. Players in a traditional format €100 Expresso event, including Piccolo08, Nano410, and fumerurdherbe, were particularly interested in the magnitude of their tournament’s multiplier.

There was no flop in the first 11 hands, but on the 12th, Joao Mendes of Portugal, who PokerPT has identified as the player who goes by the handle “fumerurdherbe” (3rd place, €80,000), lost a flip with 66 and AJ. Two hands later, “Nano410” eliminated Joao in a classic all-in between mismatched aces by tying both his ace and his kicker.

One player, “Nano410” (1st, 800,000€), attempted to steal the blinds from another, “Piccolo08” (2nd, 120,000€) by calling with Q3s, but Piccolo08 caught him with a call hand, AT. On the luckiest streets of his life, the ace in the window almost cost him €700,000, but the turn and river brought him double pairs.

Following a slow February with just one maximum multiplier, March is shaping up to be quite the opposite, with not one but two massive promos for the same lobby.

The 2023 Winners of Expresso Millionaire

Sravache (Expresso Nitro, £25/bottle), January 2023

Leh33 (Expresso Nitro, £10) January 2023

Flop time in January 2023 (Express, £50)

A LouchebemAsb (Expresso Nitro, £100) in January of 2023.

Niple (Expresso Nitro, £25/bottle) — January 2023

Expresso Nitro Drixmanix (50€) in February 2023.

The March 2023 release of the Nano410 (Express, 100€)

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  • This text seems to be discussing the resumption of Winamax’s millionaire Expresso tournaments in 2023. It includes details about players and their performances, as well as promotions and winners from previous months. Additionally, it emphasizes the importance of responsible gambling.

  • This text appears to be a report on a poker tournament on Winamax in 2023, describing the players, their actions, and the prize amounts. It also mentions upcoming promotions for the lobby. The author encourages responsible play, stating that the game is only for players above 18 years old.

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