GGPoker Brasil is launching a new Game of Gold-focused promotion for the Brazilian community

GGPoker Brasil is launching a new Game of Gold-foc...

The mystery surrounding the issues in the first action of the Gold Game Promotion is resolved in Episode 09 of the series. In the second round match between Team Fedor and Team Yoh Viral, the team consisting of Fedor Holz, Josh Arieh and Maria Ho won.

Thus, the German student who scored the victory on the contestant table received a ticket to the free tournament “GGBR Game of Gold – Fedor vs. You Viral”, which will be held today at 6 pm, with 30 places guaranteed, Enter the $15 Mini Saturday Secret KO, a mystery match. A $200,000 bonus tournament.

However, all good things must continue, and the question of the second phase of the promotion is already up in the air. Team Nikita and Team Charlie fight for survival in the game. Participants must answer the following question on this form: “Which team will win and compete in the tournament?”

Guests on the form must be requested by Sunday the 3rd, And participants must post the hashtag #GGBRNIKITA or #GGBRCHARLIE in the comments section on Episode 4 today and Monday.

Contestants who are matched with the team that wins the Duel and stay in the competition will receive a ticket to the new Freeroll taking place on Friday, December 8, with 30 guaranteed for Saturday’s Secret Mini The KO spot is worth $15, the guarantee is $200,000, and the top prize on Saturday, December 9 is $20,000.

GGPoker Brasil is launching a new Game of Gold-foc...

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  • Elyssa.parisian

    This text seems to be promoting a series of online poker tournaments, where participants have the chance to win tickets to various tournaments with guaranteed prizes. The text also mentions a mystery match and encourages participants to predict the winning team in order to receive a ticket to a future tournament.

  • This text seems to be promoting a series or game tournament involving different teams and contestants. It mentions resolving a mystery in Episode 09, as well as the winners of a match receiving a ticket to a free tournament. Participants are also given an opportunity to predict which team will win in the next phase of the promotion, with prizes such as tickets to new freeroll events and cash prizes mentioned.

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