Felipe Ketzer joins KK in third place in Merit Poker Western Series

Felipe Ketzer joins KK in third place in Merit Pok...

In pursuit of his first title of 2024, ace Felipe Ketzer was nearly eliminated in the main event of the Merit Poker Western Series at Cyprus Heritage Festival. He had been leading the final day of racing, but he suffered below deck and bowed out in a seemingly never-ending three-man race. The Brazilian won a total of $155,000.

Ketzer’s tormentor was Mohamed Mokrani, a player with a BBS of less than 10 in three-hand matches. Miraculously, he avoided elimination a few times and then stole all of Ketzer’s chips.

In a blind battle, Ketzer made an open all-in push and heard a call from Mokrani. The European dominated with A♣4♥ against A♠Q♠ and doubled up with a straight on 5♠6♣7♠3♥6♥.

Still well behind rival Mokrani pushed his stack into the middle of the table and saw CL Nichan Khorchidian call with A♣4♠. Holding 6 6 ♠ , Mokrani tried to leave the table after the dealer flipped the 3♣K ♦A flop, but the 6 ♠ turn prevented the worst and he got a reprieve.

Mokrani doubled his hand. Stacks two more times against heretics. On the one hand, he is not surprised by the advantage of K♣5♣ over Q 3’s J♣7♣9♠2♣6♦. Soon after, the Frenchman discovered a pair of Aces, which led to a big pot:

With blinds of 200,000/500,000 and a BB ante, Ketzer min-raised to 1,000,000 and then made a small Well 3bet to 3,100,000 Mokrani called. When the flop came Q♠3♦2♣, Mokrani bet 2,000,000 and got a call. On the turn of 8, Mokrani elected to continue-bet 5,000,000, and Ketzer called, seeing the river read 9♣. Mokrani acted quickly and then moved all-in for 7,000,000. Ketzer held 9,900,000 and thought for a long time until he called with Q 10 . Mokrani took the lead with A♥A♦.

Just two moves later, Ketzer made an open putt for 4bbs and ran into Mokrani’s K♣K♦. With 9♣5♠, the Gauchos had no chance on the Q♠2♠8♥6♦3♥ board.

Despite the deep structure, the heads-up was decided in just a few minutes. With 9 9 ♣ against A ♣ J ♣, Mokrani went all-in on a board of 8 ♦8 ♥ 4 ♦ 6 ♣ K ♥ to become the champion.

With 672 entrants and $3,300 in prize money, the Main Event awarded $1,854,720 in prize money. See how much each finalist earned:

1. Mohamed Mokrani (France) $342,500

2. Nichan Khorchidian (Lebanon) $252,500

3. Felipe Ketzer (Brazil) $155,000

4. Christophe Panetti (Switzerland) $114,400

5. Damir Zhugralin (Kazakhstan) $85,700

6. Mustafa Ercan (Türkiye) $69,100

7. Antoine Hasbani (Lebanon) $57,300

8. Samy Barka (France) $45,600

9. Hadi Khordbin (Iran) $34,300

Felipe Ketzer joins KK in third place in Merit Pok...

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  • This text describes Felipe Ketzer’s pursuit of his first title in the Merit Poker Western Series, where he was almost eliminated but ultimately won $155,000. Mohamed Mokrani emerged as the champion, earning $342,500, while Ketzer finished in third place.

  • This text provides a detailed account of Felipe Ketzer’s journey in the Merit Poker Western Series, where he ultimately finished in third place. The eventual champion, Mohamed Mokrani, emerged victorious after a series of intense showdowns and ultimately won a substantial prize of $342,500.

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