During the IPT, Leonardo Cámara analyzes the call of the hero with the question, “What game is this?”.

Live players who have faced the Argentine Rolando Soria know what they’re up against. In the final table of the Main Event of the Iguaz Poker Tour, he put Leonardo Camera to a grueling test. When there were just 15 players left in the game, the stakes were lowered and the first 13 finishers would split a prize fund of $2,240. There was a $800 entry fee.

During “What Game Is This,” Camera described the hand and how it unfolded. In his words, Soria was “Apparently a well-known figure in his own Argentina. The blinds were 4,000/8,000, and Leonardo had a huge lead with 52 large blinds (415,500 chips) on his stack. From the UTG position, Soria made a 26,000 chip raise.

After taking a check at his MP cards, Leonardo realized he had. “I really exceeded expectations. And I had an idea that it was up there. When I made the decision to 3-bet, I reasoned that he wouldn’t fold. A hundred and something thousand dollars was possible, and he was definitely going to call me “His words. “Well, I’m going to put in a trap call. Without an A or K, my chances of going bust are reduced, and I may steal enough chips from him to win the pot “His words shed light on the situation.

Most importantly, Eder Ferronato believes that the KSOP GGPoker will be a turning point that will make people want to return to City Center Iguaz for future events.

After the flip, Soria decided to call for a table. I feel extremely comfortable in the hand when he checks, Leo stated. The Argentinian called his 26,000 chip bet almost immediately. Soria made the first move on the turn, betting 75,000. The Brazilian had 350,000 in his rear and foresaw the impending river thrust.

“I considered shoving turn, but it’s bubble, so I decided to to call and see what happened on the river. Nevertheless, the river card was a disaster, finishing off the runner runner flush “stated Camera. Just as Soria had expected, the other player declared all in immediately. The Brazilian player really had the bomb on his lap.

Leonardo said that he “examined, thought about the scenario, spent time thinking,” but since he had played with the opponent on Day 1 and seen how far ahead he was, he didn’t change his strategy. When it came time to pay, he said: “I won’t back down to you. In addition, the “hermano” appeared, proving that he had properly paid.

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