Daniel Cates has won the WSOP Players Championship on two separate occasions.

In Las Vegas today, American “jungleman12” Daniel Cates won the most prestigious Poker Players Championship mix event at the WSOP 2022 for a record-setting second time. His winnings were $1,449,103.

The Poker Players Championship is once again won by Daniel Cates.

Once again, the “Macho Man” reigns supreme.

With a hefty buy-in of $50,000 and the need to demonstrate expertise in Hold’em and seven other poker games, the majority of which are limit, the World Series of Poker Players Championship may be considered the “most American” of all the famous events.

There have been 15 tournaments like this since 2006, and while some players in his history have won multiple times, no one has ever won two in a row until now.

The most prestigious WSOP mix event was won by Daniel “jungleman12” Cates. This is an account of the Poker Players Championship from a player’s perspective.

The 2022 competition, which concluded on July 1, 2022, had 112 entrants, making it the largest competition in the last nine years.

Although the other players toned down their eccentricities, Daniel stayed true to form by dressing as “Macho Man” Randy Savage for all five game days.

The tournament’s schedule

Tradition has it that all the big names in American public relations were there. Bryn Kenny was the cheap one after the second day of play, and ten players from the United States were among the prize winners. There was not a single countryman at the final table with Kates, and they departed the tables more quickly than players from other nations.

On the fifth and deciding day of the tournament, German player Johannes Backer was the first to exit. However, the subsequent eliminations were more surprising: British player Benny Glaser, who started with two stacks, lost most of his stack to Daniel in a 2-7 Single Draw hand and was then defeated by Japanese player Naoya Kihara in the same hand.

After then, the American had a significant stack advantage over his opponents, but it took him many more hours to eliminate the Asian player. The competition progressed much more slowly due to limit games.


Yuri Dzivielevski vs. Dan Cates

At this point, Jungleman12 faced off against Yuri Dzivielevski, a well-known MTT player. More than seven hours were spent trying to determine who would be the best player. Each of them had a legitimate shot at moving up to second place now.

The Brazilian’s worst performance came in the “round” defined by 2-7 Triple Draw. He had less than 1 billion when he lost about 15 million in two hands of this kind of poker.

Yuri had a lot of success when playing Hold’em, but Daniel Cates beat him in a hand when he caught a four on the flop. The hand involved Q5 and J4.

This is his third-largest losing streak ever and his first World Series bracelet. The poker player has won a whopping $11,853,966 in live events despite never prioritizing this format.



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