Barranqueiros respected its home venue and won the Rio LAPT

Barranqueiros respected his hometown and won the LAPT Rio

The Main Event was characterized with a short final table that left the Brazilian with a reward of $125,098. Ramella of Uruguay and Molina of Colombia rounded out the podium.

Barranqueiros respected his city and won the LAPT Rio

The return of the long-missed Latin American Poker Tour is complete and all the spotlights are on Anthony Barranqueiros, who became the new champion of the LAPT Rio.

This Monday the Main Event was defined in Rio de Janeiro with a participation of 557 entries that were counted at the Windsor Marapendi in Barra da Tijuca.

Ramella, Barranqueiros and Molina, Brazilian, Uruguayan and Colombian podium.

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The characteristic essence of this tour was reflected in its final table, as up to four different nationalities returned among the 9 finalists to try to win the title. In the end, however, it was the local Barranqueiros who took home the coveted trophy and $125,094 in prize money.

This final day was fast-paced, and the final table lasted no more than four hours, with Jorge Ramella and Gloria Molina finishing in second and third place, respectively.

Today, after a few weeks of respite, the LAPT will travel in Uruguay to play the second stop of this season that comprises up to 20 events from April 28 to May 2 at the Sofitel Montevideo Casino Carrasco.

Main Event – LAPT Rio de Janeiro

buy-in: US$1,500Entries: 557

The ultimate table

1st Anthony Barranqueiros – R$650,000 (US$125,098)

2nd Jorge Ramella – R$ 410,000 (US$78,700)

3rd Gloria Molina – R$ 293,000 (US$56,240)

4º Luís Henrique Farinhas – R$ 228,000 (US$43,765)

5º Victor Pertile – R$ 178,800 (US$34,320)

6º José Ferro – R$ 140,500 (US$ 26,700)

7º Juan Franco – R$ 104,900 (US$20,150)

8º Fabrício Nociolini – R$ 72,650 (US$13,950)

9º Gregory Fabião – R$ 57,360 (US$11,010)

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  • Delbert.spinka

    This text highlights the success of Anthony Barranqueiros, a Brazilian poker player who won the LAPT Rio Main Event. The tournament featured a diverse final table with participants from different nationalities, but Barranqueiros emerged as the champion, earning a prize of $125,098.

  • Leffler.delphine

    This text provides a recap of the LAPT Rio Main Event, highlighting the victory of Anthony Barranqueiros and the international representation at the final table. It also mentions the upcoming LAPT stop in Uruguay.

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