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Video: Three tips for long distance travel

Video: 3 Top Pro Poker Tips for Big Spins

Jesus and Tullio Bertoli founded the “Poker Top Pro” school, which offers personalized coaching, hand analysis and lessons on a variety of topics via video. The last album they uploaded was recorded in Las Vegas, where they have been playing tournaments and cash games since May. In it, Jesus gives 3 secrets to a long poker streak.

Jesus and Tullio had a great time on the live championship circuit. Jesus earned $103,007 and his best finish was a fourth-place finish at the 2008 LAPT Costa Rica for $80,603. Today he focuses mostly on cash games. Tullio has four cash prizes in the LAPT Main Event and finished third at the 2015 LAPT Panama, earning $81,460.

This hand reminds us why we love poker

This hand reminds us why we love poker

The World Series of Poker (WSOP) Main Event has reached crunch time, with the final table featuring the top nine players in the tournament. But before that, there have been thousands of amazing hands, one of which happened very close to the FT bubble.

You will be surprised by the works you see below. Daniel Weinman spent the “only time” of his life doing so, successfully breaking the “terrible reputation” associated with paired boys. The American faces a challenging situation where his tournament qualification is in jeopardy and he faces two opponents with better cards.

At 400,000/800,000 in the big blind, Joshua Payne made a min-raise and Jose Aguilera responded , re-raised to 4,500,000 on the button. In a bold move, Weinman moved all-in with his remaining 29,100,000 chips. To everyone’s surprise, both the first attacker and the second opponent decided to call, leading to an exciting showdown.

In the final duel, Weinman had a pair of checkers -qs-ac-, while his opponent had a pair of Kings K K for the shortest stack and a pair of J J J for the third player. The flop didn’t bring any surprises as the first three cards were A-7-4. What follows, however, is an ode to the excitement of this spiritual sport.

The excitement continues for this year’s WSOP tournament as the final table is finalized. The remaining nine players will compete for the title and the prestigious gold bracelet. This unusual story shows that anything can happen in poker, even at the most unlikely of times.

This hand reminds us why we love poker

WSOP 2023: Nick Yunis and Maxi Gallardo ITM for Event 90

WSOP 2023: Nick Yunis & Maxi Gallardo Win Event #9...

Argentina’s Maximiliano Gallardo and Chile’s Nick Yunis won $10,000 in the Event #90 No-Limit Hold’em 6-max tournament.

The tournament had 550 entries worth a total of $10,000 and a prize pool of $5,115,000. Winners include Espen Jorstad (No. 83),

David Peters (No. 76), Sergio Aido (No. 71), Rainer Kempe (No. 68)

WSOP 2023: Nick Yunis & Maxi Gallardo Win Event #9...

Yuri Martins and Allan Mello in WSOP Shootout Finals

Yuri Martins and Allan Mello Reach WSOP Major Fina...

Brazilian poker will have a double final table on Saturday (15th), bringing strong emotions. Yuri Martins and Allan Mello put in a solid performance on Day 2 of Event #85 ($1,500 Shotoout) to advance to the final table of the tournament. This Friday (14th), the 10 winners from each table will be decided in a decision round.

Yuri Martins was the first to confirm his position. Sitting at his table are well-known player Brian Hastings and Colombian Julian Pineda, winner of this year’s KSOP GGPoker Special Main Event. Li Mingzhe stole the show as he accumulated chips and became the executioner of the first eliminated players.

“theNERDguy” jumped on the scoreboard after hitting a triple – All in sent Pineda and another opponent with AK against JJ and JTs after the win. In the three-person game, Yuri’s opponents were Li Mingzhe and Li Haihong. I don’t know if they are relatives, but at least they are friends, and they always speak in Chinese, which makes the Brazilian feel uncomfortable, as he later said Mundo Poker.

Yuri made it into fifth pot and noticed that Haihong was afraid to push a lot of hands pre-flop despite the large blinds. In one of the plays, Yuri limped with KK while his opponent pushed all-in with Q5. The heads-up with Mingzhe had its ups and downs, but in the end the ace won in a coin toss of AJ and 88.

At Allan Mello’s tables, the most famous names are Canadian Samuel Gagnon and American Michael Galliano. The samba player was good in both the four-hand stage and was very even in that part of the game. The Brazilian’s turning point came when he flopped 877, won a full house with 88 and managed to double up his stack.

After this stop, it didn’t take long for the heads-up to be formed in the form of two quick eliminations. Allen was at a disadvantage against Vadim Shlez. The Ukrainian, who owns a WSOP bracelet, confessed to the gaucho that he has been a pro for a long time in his career but doesn’t play much anymore. During one of those breaks, Allan showed his confidence in the comeback.

Sheik said that he won the first round with a 5-1 advantage after the heads-up start. The situation against Schleitz quickly came. After chipping away at his opponent, Allan confirmed AJ’s final table against KT on Q7495. In his post-match interview, the samba grinder admitted he hadn’t played an ITM game in Las Vegas for two weeks.

There may be two more Brazilians on the final table. Gustavo Mastelotto loses heads-up after a good showdown with Faraz Jaka, Fabiano Kovalski ) is eliminated in a four-max match. The two stars who made it to the second round took home $5,759, as did the other 90 players eliminated on Friday.

Yuri and Alan have been awarded $19,003, but what? All they really want is the bracelet and $237,367 reserved for the championship. The tournament final table is scheduled to begin at 3pm Brazil time (11am Las Vegas time).

Check out the 10 finalists:

Adam Friedman (USA)

Zhou Mo (China)

Chen Ao (USA)

Faraz Jaka (USA)

Olga Iermolcheva (Ukraine) )

Edward Mroczkowski (USA)

Allan Mello (Brazil)

Matteo Cavelier (France)

Michael Finstein (USA)

Yuri Martins (Brazil)

Bet bonuses:

1. – $237,367

2. – $146,686

3. – $109,780

4. – $82,954

5. – $63,295

6. – $48,772

7. – $37,955

8. – $29,834

9. – $23,689

10. – $19,003

Yuri Martins and Allan Mello Reach WSOP Major Fina...

SORAKAOP Takes Spain to Victory on Day 2 of PokerStars MicroMillions

SORAKAOP Takes Spain to Victory on Day 2 of PokerS...

Yesterday’s MicroMillions event was the busiest event of the day at PokerStars.

Daytime 10 Races of the program have been completed, Reds have only achieved one Victory.

SORAKAOP won the MM-14 and pocketed €997.30. The event had 1,767 entries and a total prize pool of €15,903.

After 22 races, France and Spaintop the tableby countryequally :

  • 1. France andSpain: 5 wins.
  • 2. Portugal: 4.
  • 3. Kazakhstan and Ukraine: 2.
  • 5. Armenia, Brazil, Montenegro and Peru: 1.

With the MMs triumphant, La Roja has a total of 20 victories at the MTT yesterday. These are Monday’s Spanish winners:

The Spaniard scored 4doubles (marked with an asterisk in the list), HU in The balance is our team balance: 1616 wins2nd place .

These are the results of the most important games on Monday:

The new MicroMillions Series MTT today awaits us, along with the PokerStars Daily Regular Tournament Schedule. VGL, in Spanish!

Responsible Play. It is illegal for anyone under the age of 18 to play online poker.

SORAKAOP Takes Spain to Victory on Day 2 of PokerS...

Shaun Deeb shares what a $1,000,000 bet looks like

Shaun Deeb shares what a $1,000,000 bet looks like

Шон Диб 2023

Shaun Deeb and Bill Perkins bet over $1,000 in March Fun bet $.000. Sean faced a challenge: reduce his body fat percentage to 17%. When the bet began, Dib weighed 300 pounds and had 40 percent body fat.

If Dibb meets expectations, Perkins will pay him $1 million under the terms of the bet. If Shaun Deeb doesn’t answer the phone, Bill will get $100,000 from the poker player.

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I Won Any Other Poker Game Players?

Have other poker players also managed to lose weight?

Bill Perkins recently made a bet with Douglas Polk. Douglas had to reduce subcutaneous fat tissue from 27.7 percent to 13.85 percent in one year. Less than a month later, Douglas conceded defeat and paid Bill $200,000.

Beginning of the betting

Sean created a YouTube channel called MillionDollarDeeb where he documents the betting. To make the bet work out, Sean hired a trainer, a nutritionist and a massage therapist. The poker player has also overhauled his diet and started exercising.

On April 18, two full weeks have passed since the betting began. Sean shared the first results: the weight dropped from 138 kg to 133 kg, but the subcutaneous fat mass remained at 40%.

To achieve his goal, Sean needs to lose weight to 96kg. Can he succeed? Share your opinion in the comments.

Shaun Deeb shares what a $1,000,000 bet looks like

Crypt Tales Presents: Lost in the first hand of the Main Event

Crypt Tales Presents: Lost in the first hand of th...

WSOP 2023 The Main Event continues to deliver jaw-dropping moments. This Thursday, Chris Moneymaker presents the Shuffle Up & Day 1D Deals and Follow-Up Thousands of players sit at the tables and start the day with hours of action. However, two grinders turned their $10,000 buy-in into a one-handed sit and one-handed grind. Go ahead and be the sad protagonist of this new edition of Unusual Weekly. Welcome to another Freak Friday.

In the blink of an eye, just a few minutes after the game started, the two players had run out of chips. Yes, you read that right, there are only two players left in the first hand of the tournament!

The first misfortune was an epic battle between a pair of aces and a pair of kings, the coolest classic ever. The trump card is still strong, and the player’s hopes of becoming the new champion are dashed in the blink of an eye. Would you fold the king to a 5-bet all-in preflop?

The table player Scott Fitzhugh shared a video of the hand on his Twitter account:

This happened at my poker table, the first hand dealt

Unreal! The WSOP Main Event happened

— Scott Fitzhugh (@fitzpoker) July 6, 2023

Second elimination was even worse drama. Inter-disc showdown, QQ vs 8 8. Mikolaj Zawadzki spent more than four minutes considering whether to pay, and the atmosphere was tense. He eventually jumped at the chance and called, only to find out he was destined to be one of the first knockouts of the day. When he walked towards the exit, the regret on his face was indescribable!

The WSOP Main Event is always an emotional one, and this year was no exception. While those who run out of chips early may regret it, know that this is only the first hand of an exciting battle and you can double down or fold at any time.

Crypt Tales Presents: Lost in the first hand of th...

Pokerstars and Poker Power Announce Another Women’s Camp

Pokerstars and Poker Power Announce Another Women'...

New players across the country can now sign up for the second women’s training camp. The ground-breaking event, organized by PokerStars in partnership with Poker Power, aims to make gaming a more inclusive environment. Between July 31 and September 28, poker enthusiasts will have the opportunity to develop different skills across eight modules, from negotiation to strategic decision-making to capital allocation, which are also useful outside of the poker table.

The practical part will be as interesting as the theoretical part. In addition to their home games on PokerStars, they will also have the opportunity to attend a free trip for the finalists to the EPT Cyprus event. The PokerStars x Poker Power Women’s Camp Heads-Up Tournament is a special package for December’s EPT Prague stop.

Women’s participation in poker is increasing every year, but according to a survey conducted by PokerStars in the UK, more than half of women (55%) do not consider poker to be an inclusive game.

“By working with our community, our ambassadors, and exceptional women and key groups in poker, we believe we can make a difference through the many initiatives we plan. We hope to encourage more women to get involved and learn new skills that will benefit them in other areas of their lives. We want to create an educational and growth space that is accessible, safe, and fun, where new women can feel vulnerable and open. We are now proudly entering our second year of Poker Power.” All the feedback and learnings on it have improved it. We know there is high demand, and we can’t wait to meet our new participants and watch them learn and grow together! said Rebecca McAdam Willetts, Director of Partnerships, PR and Consumer Engagement at PokerStars.

Registration for the camp ends July 22. Competing Brazilian players will meet a very familiar face, Team Pro Lauriê Tournier, a grinder and streamer with multiple titles in online MTTs, including two WCOOP titles. In addition to Lauriê, Georgina James and Jennifer Shahade will also be present at the event.

Additional tools such as PokerStars Learn are available 24/7 for participants to improve their skills at their own pace. This enables them to learn hand rankings and become familiar with online poker – for those who have never played the game or wish to refresh.

Pokerstars and Poker Power Announce Another Women'...

Rafael Reis Wins Event 15 of the WSOP for $465,000

Rafael Reis Wins Event 15 of the WSOP for $465,000

In just four days, Rafael Reis did not miss his gold bracelet at the third Brazil FT event at the WSOP 2023. He won $465,501 in Event 15: $1,500 No-Limit Hold’em 6 Hands.

Rafael did not give his opponent a moment’s peace as he entered the final day, trailing leader Sarah Herzali. Gabriel Schroeder from Santa Catarina, on the other hand, lost momentum and left before the FT was formed. Pushing all-in pre-flop, he collided with Ryan Hohner’s K-K and dropped to 11th. Grinder made a total of $36,799.

With only one table left in the Horseshoe Casino room, Rafael quickly took the lead and began to take control. In three hands, he managed to eliminate the call for the first time after beating a pre-flop all-in. Herzali made an all-in push and was called by the Brazilian with J♠J♥. Holder of K♥9♥, the French couldn’t find her out on the J♣A♥7♦10♣5♣ board.

With an early heads-up advantage, Rafael overtook Spaniard Daniel Barry Olympic River. Even “La Mirada” did not stand in the way of the championship. Another pre-flop all-in, A 9 vs 10 10, he celebrated when the dealer flipped the 4 3 6 2 5 board and thought he had a straight, but it was a tie and the pot was split.

Raphael remained comfortably ahead and finished the race at the next level. With A♠Q♠ against 9♣8♣, he flopped 4♣A♣6♥, but the 10 on the turn and Q♥ on the river confirmed his unprecedented WSOP crack.

Race 15 won $3,276 out of 2,454 entries for a 0.090 entry. See how much each finalist has won:

1. Rafael Reis (Brazil) $465,501

2. Daniel Barriocanal (Spain) $287,679

3. Sarah Herzali (France) $207,720

4. Nikolaos Angelou (Greece) $151,559

5. John Monette (USA) $111,755

6. Grant Wang (USA) $83,289

7. Ryan Hohner (USA) $62,746

Rafael Reis Wins Event 15 of the WSOP for $465,000

‘vozao1234’ and ‘LVOG’ Score Six Figures in Supreme Poker Series

'vozao1234' and 'LVOG' Score Six Figures in Suprem...

No matter who enters the Suprema Poker Series, there are always a few chances for great success. In another busy period, “vozao1234” was the big winner for the world’s largest felt. In Event 127-H: $5,500 NL Hold’em High Roller, he beat 125 players for $153,910.

“LVOG” in turn cracked the million dollar tournament of the day, Event 126-H: $550 Battle High Roller. He beat a field of 2,199 entrants to take home $129,998.

See other results:

Event 128-H: R$750 5-Card PLO High Roller (128 participants)

Winner: “solana63” R$30,440

Event 309-M: $300 NL Hold’em Mystery KO (516 entries)

Winner: “DonaVilma” R$19,786

Event 466-L: $35 NL Hold’em Big Plus (4,000 entries)

WINNER: “B.Fischer7” $16,884

'vozao1234' and 'LVOG' Score Six Figures in Suprem...

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