“Andrerosario” winner of the second Latin American event

“Andrerosario” winner of the second Latin American...

“andrerosario”Winner of the second event at the end of the year 888PokerLATAM LEAGUE. He won the title on the second date by defeating compatriot “dianepoker” in a heads-up match. The third place is “Rixio13” from Venezuela, with a prize of US$27.94.

Added valuable points to monthly ranking. For example, “Origamidream” from Mexico and “LandBerseck” from Paraguay became the league leaders in the battle for tickets.

Also interesting, the largest $30 mystery bounty envelope was awarded to Toroypampa from Argentina, who placed 24th.

“Andrerosario” winner of the second Latin American...

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  • This text reports on the results of a poker tournament, highlighting the winners and their prizes. It also mentions some interesting details like valuable points in the ranking and a special award for a player from Argentina.

  • This text highlights the achievements and results of the second event of the 888PokerLATAM LEAGUE. It mentions the winner, runner-up, and third-place finisher, as well as the distribution of prizes and valuable points. Additionally, it mentions noteworthy accomplishments such as leaders in the monthly ranking and an interesting award for a participant from Argentina.

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